Petition against Canal Road Widening Launched

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— We’ve launched a petition against the widening of Canal Road and the additional traffic this will bring down Otley Road and other parts of Shipley.

— You can download a flyer and print out a paper petition yourself from this page.

5 thoughts on “Petition against Canal Road Widening Launched

  1. Our grandchildren, and a few hundred other children, go to Shipley C of E Primary School on Otley Road. This very busy road with a steep gradient carries loads of diesel vehicles alongside domestic cars. The resulting exhaust is bad indeed, Shipley Primary is right on this road. The air quality, which has been measured over time, is very poor indeed. Increasing the size of this road would obviously increase the already hazardous air quality surrounding the school.

    1. We know it well Gary! That’s one of the motivators for this campaign. We think it’s a safeguarding issue for the kids. If we’re not keeping our kids safe in our community, we’ve failed in a primary responsibility!

      Please sign and share the petition against the Canal Road widening as well expect it to bring a lot more traffic down Otley Road, right past the school.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Too many cars stand idle with engines running, the fumes are awful. I feel I can’t breathe properly and try to shallow breathe on my way to the shops. This is not good and we should be cutting down on traffic, not encouraging more!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Elizabeth! Please share the petition as wide as you can. Especially now everybody’s had a feel for what clean air can be for a few weeks!

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