Welcome to the Clean Air Bradford website. We are a grass-roots group in Bradford dedicated to improving the quality of our city’s air and creating a better, healthier, happier living place for all.

Bradford has hot-spots of some of the dirtiest air in the country outside of London and shockingly some of these hot-spots are a stone’s throw from schools and people’s homes.

Thousands of lives are cut short every year in the UK because of dirty air, and one of the main contributors to this is traffic pollution.

Kids at Shipley C of E Primary on Clean Air Day

We believe this can and must change and are working to show the means by which this can happen and then to apply pressure to try to ensure that it does happen.

Air quality needs to have a much higher priority in the planning processes employed by Bradford Council but we also need much greater public awareness about the issue and about what both individuals and organisations can do to improve the situation.

If you could support us or get involved, get in touch via the Facebook group or e-mail us.

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