Canal Road Widening


Bradford Council plans to increase traffic on Otley Road, right next to Shipley C of E Primary.

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We object to this because:

  • Medical evidence shows the serious impacts of air pollution from traffic on children’s health.
  • Bradford Council are legally obliged to improve the air quality on this road, but this scheme will increase the amount of traffic.
  • Air pollution from trucks and cars along Otley Road is well over the legal limit.

The impact of traffic pollution on health

  • Pollution from traffic increases asthma and other respiratory diseases. A third of childhood asthma cases in Bradford are caused by traffic pollution according to Born in Bradford.
  • Traffic pollution has the biggest impact on the youngest children as their lungs, brain and body are still growing.
  • Air pollution has also been linked to dementia, miscarriage, low-birth weight of babies, heart disease and mental health problems.
  • High volumes of traffic also create noise and create barriers for pedestrians.

Bradford Council plans

We have requested to see plans for the changes to Otley Road but Bradford Council will not release the plans.

The Branch Pub was demolished at huge tax-payer expense so that the junction can be widened for ease of access for HGVs. This will encourage more heavily polluting HGVs to use the route than already do so.

What we DO know

  • There are plans to make all of Canal Rd four lanes to allow for additional traffic.
  •  Traffic from Manningham Lane/ Bradford Road will be redirected onto Canal Road via Otley Road. Therefore there will be more traffic on Otley Road.
  • Traffic going from Canal Road to Bradford Road will reach a bottle neck, which will trail up Otley Road, in front of Shipley C of E Primary School.

What do we want?

We object to our children’s healthy development being put second to increasing flows of traffic. We object to residential areas being cut up by large, noisy, polluting roads. We want Bradford Council to stop the road widening scheme. Bradford Council should

redirect the £44million it proposes to spend on the current scheme to instead focus on sustainable alternatives such as improving public transport infrastructure. Other cities in the UK are using this approach. Together we can make Shipley a pleasant place to walk, live and learn in.

Stand up for better air quality

Take Action: Sign the Petition!

Please get your friends and family, neighbours and strangers to sign it too.

Things you can do to reduce the impact of air pollution

  • Certain types of pollution are worse INSIDE a car than outside. So leave the car behind and walk/cycle to local places. You’ll be reducing air pollution too.
  • Turn your car engine off when you are stationary. Fumes from idling create worse pollution than moving cars. It’s now an offence to leave an engine running outside a school.
  •  Try to walk along quieter residential roads if you can.

We ask Bradford Council and WYCA (West Yorkshire Combined Authority) to stop their plans for a road widening scheme on Canal Road & Otley Road. The scheme will lead to more traffic and a worsening of air pollution throughout Shipley and outside local Primary schools, especially Shipley C of E.

BDMC & WYCA should reallocate the £44 million for this road scheme to create sustainable transport alternatives that reduce air pollution and improve the health opportunities for our community.