About Clean Air Bradford

Clean Air Bradford is a group made up of individuals and organisations, including local parents, Baildon Friends of the Earth, Bradford Cycling Campaign and several others who, together, seek to work with Bradford Council and WYCA to improve the air quality in Bradford.

We wish to see a sharp reduction in levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and particulates and, in so doing, help improve the quality of life and health for people who live and work in the city.

In particular we support measures that will increase active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) and make it easier for people to make clean travel choices such as walking and public transport.

We also are working independently of all local authorities and as such are free to be critical of policies which we judge to be harmful to the air quality in Bradford. We support the roll-out of greener vehicles but in general don’t see these as a substitute as a strategy for a reduction in vehicle traffic.

You can contact us via e-mail or via our Facebook Group. We also have a Twitter account.