17th June 2021 – Clean Air Day Events – Lister Park and Beyond!

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Take action on Clean Air Day to help raise awareness of the importance of clean air and the environment in Bradford.

From 1pm Capital of Cycling staff and volunteers from Clean Air Bradford and other local groups will be in Lister Park, by the cafe by Cartwright Hall.

  • Get free minor bike repairs at our “Dr Bike” stands.  

Capital of Cycling is providing two qualified bike mechanics to support this event as part of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival Programme.  A safety check and minor repairs for your bike are available for free on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Make a clean air banner and get free bubbles for kids

Decorate a jacket, make a banner, blow bubbles to show your support!  The hope is that you will be able to ride or walk off with a visible, personal message that relates to clean air.

Blow a bubble for clean air: Free bubble pot for every child!

  • Led ride – setting off at 4pm 

For those wanting to join – there’s a small group ride from Lister Park down to Bradford, through City Park, and with the option of circling back along the Canal Road cycle route and either cutting back up to Lister Park or making your own way onwards. This will be a slow ride, suitable for most abilities.  There will be trained ride-leaders present, but there will be some ‘in traffic’ cycling.  

We will be keeping the group size small to maintain social distancing and breaking into two groups if more than expected show up.

The idea of this small group ride is to create some visibility for cycling and to display our messages to drivers and people walking nearby. If you want help to make a banner or message for the ride, you can join us earlier in the Park where we will have some materials for doing this.  This led ride is supported by Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival.

  • Do your own thing!

We hope you’ll do your own thing in terms of how you’ll raise awareness for the day.  E.g. is there a spot like outside a school or near your home that you’re concerned about engines idling in?  

You could do a walk, ride activity or simply stand with a banner or message pinned to a vest.  However, for those wanting to join in a group activity we have the guided ride option and sign making table.

Perhaps you want to just take to social media or e-mail to spread the word.  Google Clean Air Day or have a look at the Mums for Lungs website for useful messages.

Suggestions for banner text

We’re sure you can be much more creative than this – but here’s some ideas if you’re stuck

  • Hashtags – #CleanAirBradford  #LetMeBreathe  #WalkItRideIt #CleanAirDay #CleanerByBike
  • “Walk and cycle more for cleaner air”
  • “Let Bradford Breathe – give the car a rest”
  • “Don’t Idle – Let kids Breathe”
  • “Hear the bird song, turn off the engine!”
  • “Bradford has a car problem.”
  • “Save the climate and save fuel costs: walk it!”
  • “Did you need to drive today?”

Clean Air Bradford has teamed up with Capital of Cycling (supported by Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival), Bradford Shipley Travel Alliance, Baildon and Shipley Friends of the Earth and Shipley and Saltaire Living Streets to host this event.

For more info, contact Dave on 07743471764.

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